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Best Mounts for Gigabyte's 27" AORUS FI27Q-X Monitor

Find out what factors you should consider when choosing a VESA desk or wall mount for the Gigabyte 27-inch AORUS FI27Q-X monitor and which desk and wall mounts I recommend. Includes model AORUS FI27Q-X.

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Last Updated: January 5, 2023

Written by Brandon Jones

When choosing a wall or desk mount for the Gigabyte 27" AORUS FI27Q-X monitor, various options are available. All mounts are different and have specific weight limits and VESA size ranges. Some mounts are fixed and don't move, while others have more flexibility with a full range of motion.

This article narrows down which aspects are most important. I list my recommended 27" AORUS FI27Q-X wall and desk mounts below to help find the best mount for your monitor.

If you want a desk stand instead of a wall or desk mount for this monitor, then check out my recommended 27" AORUS FI27Q-X monitor desk stands. Monitor desk stands can be a good option if you have nowhere to use a wall or desk mount or want something better than the included stand.

VESA Size and Weight of the Gigabyte 27" AORUS FI27Q-X

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When selecting a wall or desk mount for a monitor, you need to know the monitor's weight and VESA mount size.

The Gigabyte 27" AORUS FI27Q-X has a VESA size of 100 x 100 mm and weighs 13 lb.

Gigabyte 27" AORUS FI27Q-X Wall and Desk Mount Recommendations

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Now that you know the VESA measurement and weight of the monitor, you can find a supported wall or desk mount with those specifications. You can see my recommended wall and desk mounts below to quickly decide which one to choose.

The wall and desk mounts I recommend support the 27" AORUS FI27Q-X VESA size and weight. It's always good to double-check the measurements, compatibility, and where you will be mounting the monitor to ensure that it will work for your setup.

You might also want a monitor mount reinforcement plate if you want added protection for your desk, especially for a glass desk. I recommend the HUANUO Steel Monitor Mount Reinforcement Plate on Amazon (affiliate link).

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