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Is the Razer Pro Click Mouse Good for Gaming?

Find out if the Razer Pro Click mouse is good for gaming and which aspects are essential for choosing a gaming mouse.

Is the Razer Pro Click Mouse Good for Gaming? Brandon Jones / TechReviewer

Last Updated: March 18, 2023

Written by Brandon Jones

Is the Razer Pro Click Good for Gaming?

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In this article, I discuss whether or not the Razer Pro Click mouse is good for gaming. I also list which aspects are important for choosing a gaming mouse to help you choose the best mouse for your needs.

Certain aspects of gaming mice can be subjective, such as size, shape, weight, and looks, while other factors can be more important depending on your use case. A gaming mouse also has crucial features, like the sensor and button switches. To better understand if the Razer Pro Click is the best gaming mouse for you, I go over each feature in detail.

Connection Type of the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a 2.4 GHz connection.

2.4 GHz is a fast type of wireless connection that is faster and more reliable than Bluetooth.

Connection type is mainly a personal choice since many wireless mice can perform similarly to a wired mouse as long as it's not using Bluetooth. With wireless mice, you'll have to keep battery life in mind and any interference that could get in the way. Wired mice can have some drag or may snag on your desk and mouse pad in some situations. It's a trade-off of which is more important to you.

Battery Life of the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a 200-hour battery life during ideal conditions.

The longer the battery life, the less you'll have to charge your mouse. The battery life will also be less if you use RBG lighting (for mice that have it) or when using a higher polling rate (how frequently your mouse sends its position). For gaming, you'll want to use the higher polling rate. If you don't want to charge your wireless mouse often, turn off RGB lighting or get a mouse with a larger battery. Keep in mind that larger batteries add to the weight of the mouse.

Weight of the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse weighs 106 grams.

The material, amount of buttons, battery size (if applicable), size, and design all contribute to the overall weight of a mouse. The heavier a computer mouse is, the more effort you'll need to move it. Standard weight is around 80-100 grams, lightweight is about 80 grams or less, and super light is 70 grams or less. Over 100 grams is considered moderate or heavy weight.

Most gamers prefer lighter, but no weight is the "best" for gaming since it's up to your preference. More lightweight mice take less effort to move and are better for quick movements. Some people prefer heavier mice with a higher DPI/CPI setting, reducing the distance you need to move the mouse to offset that effort.

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Feet/Skate Type on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has PTFE feet/skates.

The most common material for mouse feet/skates is PTFE (also known as Teflon). There are varying qualities of PTFE, but virgin-grade PTFE (100% pure) is the best quality with the lowest friction. Standard plastic or PTFE can be mixed with other materials, making it less smooth and, therefore, has more friction. The less friction you have, the faster the mouse can glide across a mouse pad with minimal effort. If you prefer a specific type of mouse feet/skates, there are always aftermarket ones made with various materials that each perform differently.

A good mouse pad is just as crucial for smooth movements of your mouse. Find Gaming Mouse Pads on Amazon (affiliate link).

Switch Type on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a mechanical (50 million clicks) switch.

Mouse switches are used for the left and right mouse clicks and sometimes the other buttons. Optical mouse switches are technically faster, but it's not usually noticeable. Optical switches do tend to be more durable and are immune to double-clicks, while mechanical switches can sometimes have double-clicking issues after time. With that said, no matter the type of switch, most mice will work well for many years without any problems.

Switches can have a different feel and force needed to press them. This aspect is mainly preference, so it's best to test them until you find one you like.

Sensor Type on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a Optical sensor.

Most modern gaming mice sensors are similar in performance and instead depend on how the software in the mouse implements it. The DPI/CPI range does vary depending on which sensor the mouse has, which you can read about in the next section.

DPI/CPI Range on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a 100-16,000 DPI/CPI.

DPI (Dots Per Inch) is a generic term used, but CPI (Counts Per Inch) is the correct term for mice, but both mean the same thing with a computer mouse. This value refers to the distance your mouse pointer moves on the screen when moving your mouse. For example, a DPI/CPI of 3,000 would move three times faster than 1,000 DPI/CPI when moving your mouse the same distance. Most gamers use an average DPI/CPI of around 400-2,000.

This value is without any enhancements like mouse acceleration. Mouse acceleration can sometimes be disabled in games to increase precision by enabling "Raw Input" in-game. You can also disable mouse acceleration in Windows by going to Mouse Settings -> Additional Mouse Settings -> Pointer Options -> then uncheck "Enhance pointer precision."

Tracking Speed (IPS) of the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a tracking speed of 450 IPS.

IPS (Inches Per Second) is how the tracking speed on a mouse is measured. It equates to the max speed the mouse sensor can record accurately. For example, a tracking speed of 200 IPS would mean that the mouse can record movements up to 200 inches in 1 second or 8 inches in 40 milliseconds, which is extremely fast for moving your hand during gaming.

Most gamers won't notice any difference over 100 IPS, but a higher IPS rating on a mouse means it can handle up to that speed. You'll want a higher IPS rating if you tend to have swift mouse movements while gaming. Any IPS rating of 150-250 would likely be more than enough.

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Number of Buttons on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has 8 buttons.

Most mice have around six buttons, which will be acceptable for most gamers. If you play games requiring many shortcuts, you may want a mouse with more than that to make it easier. Remember that the more buttons you have, the heavier the mouse will be, so it's a trade-off of what's important to you.

Does the Pro Click Have RGB?

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The Razer Pro Click mouse does NOT have RBG lighting.

RBG lights on a mouse can reduce the battery life (for wireless mice) and also add some weight to a mouse. If you care about either of those things, then a mouse without RBG lighting might be better. With that said, RBG can add to the overall vibe and improve the look if desired.

Scroll Wheel on the Pro Click

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The Razer Pro Click mouse has a standard and tilt scroll wheel type.

There are various kinds of scroll wheels on computer mice. Standard scroll wheels bump when scrolling up/down, which can still feel different with various mice when comparing directly. Some mice also allow you to tilt to the left/right for an additional key binding/shortcut. There are also precise scroll wheels that are smooth without the bump and glide freely. These mice tend to have a button to toggle between the two modes.

Precise scroll wheels are usually just for office work or browsing the web but can also be suitable for games that require quick scrolling, like in some top-down games.

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