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How Many Cores Do Intel Core i3-1220P CPUs Have?

Find out how many cores Intel's 12th generation Core i3 1220P laptop processors have.

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Last Updated: June 22, 2022

Written by Kevin Jones

In addition to discussing the number of cores in the 1220P, this article will discuss the supported base and turbo frequencies for each core.

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How Many Cores Do 1220P CPUs Have?

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Intel's 1220P CPUs have 2 Performance (P) cores and 8 Efficiency (E) cores for a total of 10 cores.

The P cores are comparable to previous generation cores. They support Hyper-Threading, which means they provide two threads each.

E cores are focused on adding additional threads in an energy-efficient manner. They take up much less room on the CPU and generate less heat. However, their smaller cache and minimal interconnect capabilities make them more appropriate for offloading background tasks.

The Intel Thread Director handles scheduling between the types of cores. Running a game will primarily use P cores. At the same time, the Intel Thread Director may offload operating system tasks and low priority periodic events to E cores.

Which Operating Systems Can Make Optimal Use of the E Cores?

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The Intel Thread Director is used to help operating systems determine onto which cores to schedule work.

Currently, only Windows 11 makes optimal use of the Intel Thread Director.

Linux support for the Intel Thread Director will be available in version 5.18, which is expected to be released in the Spring of 2022. Without this update, Linux will typically prioritize P cores over E cores using the less efficient implementation that uses the Turbo Boost Max 3.0 driver.

How Many Threads Does the 1220P Have?

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Hyper-Threading is only available on Performance cores. One thread for each of the 8 Efficiency cores plus two threads for each of the 2 Performance cores results in a total of 12 threads.

At What Frequency Does the 1220P Run?

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Prior to Intel's 12th generation of processors, CPUs had a single base frequency and max turbo frequency. With Intel's 12 generation processors, the Efficiency and Performance cores use two individual sets of frequency values.

The 2 Performance cores have a 1.50 GHz base frequency and support a 4.40 GHz max turbo frequency.

The 8 Efficiency cores have a 1.10 GHz base frequency and support a 3.30 GHz max turbo frequency.

What Does the P Suffix in 1220P Mean?

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Processor Name Suffix Meaning
P "P" means it's a mid-range performance mobile CPU. P-series CPUs fall between the H and U-series, in terms of performance and power usage.

The 1220P model name doesn't have a K or X suffix, which means that it can not be overclocked.

Learn More About the Intel Core i3-1220P

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You can find detailed 1220P specifications on Intel's site.