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Best Ceiling Mount for the Optoma W335 Projector

Find out what factors you should consider when choosing a ceiling mount for the Optoma W335 projector and which ceiling mounts I recommend.

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Last Updated: May 12, 2022

Written by Brandon Jones

When choosing a ceiling mount for the Optoma W335 projector, various options are available. Each projector ceiling mount has a specific weight limit and fits a particular range of mounting hole distances. Some ceiling mounts are fixed and don't move, while others have more flexibility with adjusting the projector's angle or distance from the ceiling. This article narrows down which aspects are most important.

I list my recommended W335 ceiling mounts below to help you find the best ceiling mount for the Optoma W335 projector. Throughout my recommendation section, I also go over the various types of ceiling mounts so you can choose the most suitable mount for your situation.

Weight of the Optoma W335

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When selecting a ceiling mount for a projector, you need to know the projector's weight. Do not go over the weight limit of a projector mount since it risks damaging your projector if it falls.

The Optoma W335 weighs 6.61 lb.

Supported Ceiling Mounts for the Optoma W335

Now that you know the projector's weight, you need to find a ceiling mount that supports those specifications. To decide which ceiling mount to choose more easily, I list my recommended W335 ceiling mounts below.

Optoma W335 Ceiling Mount Recommendations

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The ceiling mounts I recommend will support the weight of the Optoma W335 projector. Universal projector mounts fit most projector mounting hole distances and are what I recommend below for the best compatibility. Still, it's always good to double-check the measurements for mounting, compatibility, and where you will be mounting the projector to ensure it will work well for your projector and room.

Short Ceiling Mounts

Short ceiling mounts help keep the projector close to the ceiling for normal-height ceilings.

Short (Optional Extension) Ceiling Mounts

These ceiling mounts are short for normal-height ceilings but also allow for an optional pole extension, like this one: QualGear 1.5 inch Npt Threaded Pipe on Amazon (affiliate link). The optional extension allows for more flexibility in where you put the projector.

Long Ceiling Mounts

Long ceiling mounts are good for taller ceilings to have the projector farther away from the ceiling.

Extendable Ceiling Mounts

Extendable ceiling mounts are good for flexibility in how high you want the projector or if you're unsure how high you want it to be mounted.

Custom Height Ceiling Mounts

Custom heights ceiling mounts are good for having even more flexibility in how high up you want the projector to be mounted. You will need to buy a separate threaded pipe and ceiling plate, like these:

Threaded pipe: InstallerParts Adjustable Slanted Ceiling Plate on Amazon (affiliate link).

Ceiling plate: QualGear 1.5 inch Npt Threaded Pipe on Amazon (affiliate link).