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Best Monitor Desk Stand for Gigabyte's 31.5" AORUS FI32U

Find out what factors you should consider when choosing a VESA desk stand for the Gigabyte 31.5-inch AORUS FI32U monitor and which desk stands I recommend. Includes model AORUS FI32U.

Best Monitor Desk Stand for Gigabyte's 31.5" AORUS FI32U Jannis Brandt / Unsplash

Last Updated: March 18, 2023

Written by Brandon Jones

Monitor desk stands may all look the same, but there are multiple options when looking for the right monitor desk stand for the Gigabyte 31.5" AORUS FI32U monitor. Monitor desk stands have specific supported VESA sizes and weight limits, so it's best to know which one is right for your monitor.

This article narrows down which stands work well with the Gigabyte 31.5" AORUS FI32U monitor and the most critical aspects. I list my recommended 31.5" AORUS FI32U desk stands below to help find the best desk stand for your monitor.

If you want a wall or desk mount instead of a desk stand for this monitor, then check out my recommended 31.5" AORUS FI32U wall and desk mounts. Wall or desk mounts can be better if you want to free up desk space or have more flexibility in your monitor's positioning.

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Weight and VESA Size of the Gigabyte 31.5" AORUS FI32U

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When selecting a desk stand for a monitor, you first need to know the monitor's VESA size and weight.

The Gigabyte 31.5" AORUS FI32U weighs 17 lb and has a VESA size of 100 x 100 mm.

Gigabyte 31.5" AORUS FI32U Desk Stand Recommendations

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Now that you know your monitor's weight and VESA size, you can find a supported desk stand with those specifications. You can see my recommended monitor desk stands below to quickly decide which one to choose.

All of the monitor desk stands I recommend support the weight and VESA size of the AORUS FI32U. It's always good to double-check the measurements, compatibility, and where you will be placing the monitor and desk stand to ensure that it will work for your setup.

Single Monitor Desk Stands

Dual Monitor Desk Stands

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