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Best Cases for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (2023)

Find out what factors you should consider when choosing a case for Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4 and which phone cases I recommend.

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Last Updated: January 5, 2023

Written by Brandon Jones

Phone cases are an excellent way to protect or add style and customization to your Galaxy Z Fold 4. There are various options available when choosing a case for your phone. This article narrows down which aspects are most important. I list my recommended Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases below to help find the best case for your phone.

How to Choose a Case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4

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Choosing a case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 may seem easy until you see the selection of all of the varieties of materials and styles. The main option to decide is whether you want a case for style or protection for your Galaxy Z Fold 4. After you know what you want a case for, it's easier to decide which case material and type is best for your needs.

Style vs. Protecting Your Galaxy Z Fold 4

The most common reason for putting a case on your Galaxy Z Fold 4 is to protect it. However, perhaps you also want to add some style to your device. Some phones are so slippery that a phone case is needed to hold them securely in your hands without dropping them. To fully protect your Galaxy Z Fold 4, it's best not to get a cheap case since they aren't usually made with the best materials or thickness to protect your phone. If you only want to add some style, then the materials might not matter as much, but you also don't want it to limit functionality.

Which Materials Are Best at Protecting the Galaxy Z Fold 4?

Hard plastic cases or other cases made with hard material usually don't protect a phone from falls but can protect against scratches. The downside to hard plastic cases is that they don't absorb much of the damaging energy of an impact which can still cause damage to your Galaxy Z Fold 4. If it's clear hard plastic, like ones that show the phone's design while covered, they tend to gather dust and debris between the phone and the plastic.

Flexible TPU (flexible rubber-like plastic) cases or other cases made of softer material can absorb much more impact since the rubber can compress. The downside to softer cases is that they may compress too much from a higher impact. Having thicker bumpers on the corners of a case can offset more of that compression, though.

If you want the best overall protection, go for a case made with hard plastic on the outside and TPU on the inside, but TPU alone is usually good enough for most situations.

Other Galaxy Z Fold 4 Case Features to Look for

The texture of a case for the Galaxy Z Fold 4 can sometimes determine if it'll be easier to hold in your hand securely. For example, if the case has ridges on the edges, it can help grip the phone securely rather than a smooth, slippery texture. Usually, solid plastic cases have more slippery backs that can slide more in dry hands.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 cases can add additional benefits besides just protecting your device. Some cases can charge your phone while attached. Other cases with a folio design add some front protection when not in use. Wallet cases are also great for storing your credit cards.

Some phone cases, although less common, have a lanyard to help prevent accidental drops, and other cases can cover the charging port to keep out dirt, dust, and lint. These features aren't necessarily needed, but every kind of protection helps.

Waterproof cases are also good if you're prone to getting your phone wet. Even if a phone is waterproof, it's always good to reduce any chances since the waterproofing of phones can degrade over time.

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